Excellent for xylene, alcohol, and ink markers due to the special coating that provides clean, crisp edges for nearly every type of marker.



24 Sheets

4 Size Pads: 7x10, 9x12, 11x14, 14x17

Ink Block Panel

Our original AD® Markers are some of the most demanding markers on the market, and have become the standard for marker paper development.  We've spent countless hours working to create the perfect marker paper that is not only bright white so colors pop, but is also ultra smooth with a coating made specifically to keep marker lines crisp and clean, eliminating feathering whether you use a solvent based marker like AD® Markers, or an alcohol based marker such as our Spectra AD™ Marker.  This paper is also great for acrylic markers, India ink markers, watercolor markers, and art pens!


We've also constructed two features for the pads: our Ink Block Panel™ and our In&Out Pages™. The Ink Block Panel™keeps artwork from affecting other sheets in the book, whether it's bleed through or pressure indentation, while our In&Out Pages™ allow you to remove a sheet, and reinsert it anywhere into the pad. This makes it ideal for scanning and reworking.  The In&Out Pages are also micro perforated to remove the Domelocks™ should you want to display your work.

Marker Paper
Ink Block Panel
7x10 Marker Paper

Unique Features

Ink Block Panel™ & In & Out™ Pages


All pads feature the Ink Block Panel™ which is a fold over sheet built into the binding of the pad to keep your work from affecting other sheets in the book. The panel protects pages beneath your working sheet from indentations and over saturation of materials that could result in bleed through.  The panel is black to block out any artifacts that may show through to the working page of the book.  When not in use, the panel can be used as a placeholder to separate your work. Available in 7x10, 9x12, 11x14 only.


Our patent pending In & Out Pages™ let you safely remove a sheet from any pad, work on it, scan it, and put it back anywhere, anytime. The special dome shape of the paper edge locks into the dual wire binding, keeping it in place.  A fine perforation allows you to remove the Domelock™ edge to get a true sheet size should you wish to mount and frame your work. Available in 14x17 only.

Ink Block Panel™
In & Out™ Pages
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7x10 Pad, Ink Block Panel
9x12 Pad, Ink Block Panel
11x14 Pad, Ink Block Panel
14x17, In & Out™ Pages
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9x12 Pad, Ink Block Panel