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4 Sketching Tips to De-stress and Recharge During the Holidays

It definitely goes without saying now that it's been a tough year for all of us! Throw in the holidays, and we have just a wee bit more stress - hopefully some joy too ;-). There's sometimes an added pressure for artists to be more productive both professionally and personally during the holiday season.

Keeping a small portable sketchbook handy can be an antidote to the craziness of this season. Sketching can provide a time to unload freely and draw without judgment or pressure to produce something finished. It can be a time just for you to recharge your creative energy.

There is the saying that inspiration comes from the act of doing, from just creating. It's in the very act of doing where things begin to happen. As artists, we are always happiest when our creative juices are flowing, even if it's just a trickle!

Artist Erik Davis uses AD Markers to create these beautiful stretches you see here. We'd like to share some of our de-stress and recharge art journal ideas!

1. Touch base with your environment. Sketch the landscape you see right out your window! Better yet, go for a walk with a portable pad.


2. Bring a piece of nature back home to sketch. Pick something that could be in the theme of the holiday season!


3. Picking a subject that's bright against the winter landscape can lighten your mood!


4. Keep a sense of humor about the ordinary or even the mundane. Whether life consists of endless chores or quarantine inspired boredom, finding humor every day can be a fun theme for sketching, too. Enjoy!

To see more of Erik Davis's wonderful work, please visit @mrerikdavis on Instagram

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