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Sketching in Winter - Drawing Snow

“Even in winter an isolated patch of snow has a special quality.” -Andy Goldsworthy

Sketching in nature is a way of seeing. As artists, we look at the world differently, more closely. Take a walk or hike this week and notice the subtle colors of snow. Watch for the branched patterns of light. Try using a subtle winter color palette, like the palette we have suggested, inspired by the photo above. Our AD Marker winter palette includes: Warm Gray 1, Sepia, Willow Green, Cool Gray 2 and Blue Glow.



Now that you have your palette are a few suggestions for drawing snow:

1. Observe how snow piles up, look at how it overlays or hangs off the edges of what it lays on.

Take time to draw in the shadows cast by the snow where it overlaps with the object it sits on.

2. Blue, light purples and grays are cool colors. Try incorporating the warm tones of cut wood and green pine trees. These colors will pop against the cooler shades.

3. Draw "around" the snow, with light dots and broken lines on the top edges to suggest that it is not as solid and dark as the surface on which it lays.


Artwork by Shari Blaukopf

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